Planning an event on the Outer Banks?

Looking for an Outer Banks events venue?
Look no farther. When planning you next event check out Sea Ranch Resort as your Outer Banks events venue.

People have come to the Outer Banks for years because it is a spectacular vacation location.  Our warm sands and cool waters have been a popular destination to get-away-from-it-all for generations.Oceanfront view from the hotel

However, these same relaxing shores can be an ideal place to bring it all together!

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is steeped in culture and history, and is an ideal spot to consider when hosting events!  You can take care of business, so to speak, and have the luxury to explore and discover some of the most significant cultural and historical surroundings on the east coast.  Whether it is a wedding or family reunion, business meeting or social function, the Sea Ranch Resort is fully equipped to host just about any event you need.

The Outer Banks is already popular for beach weddings, and the Sea Ranch Resort has proven to be an ideal location for your marital gatherings.  Between housing the guests and wedding party, indoor catering, an open ballroom for your reception, and an accessible, scenic location for your ceremony, the Sea Ranch has all of your nuptial needs covered.

While the Sea Ranch is a popular destination for Outer Banks weddings it is also a perfect spot to host your next family reunion!  Your extended family can feel right at home in our rooms and condos, and have a lot more privacy than a multi-room beach house.   You’re in a prime location for all of your Outer Banks attractions, and there is also plenty to entertain onsite with our covered pool and beach access, right outside your door!

Many see the beach as a way to escape the drudgery of work.  They can’t wait to get down to the water, relax in the sun, and let their minds wander.  However, this same energy can be used in a progressive work environment.  Work retreats are gaining in popularity, and the Sea Ranch Resort can accommodate those as well, either with our Beachside Bistro ball room, our private, fully equipped conference room, or just the comfy seclusion or your own condo living area.  You and your employees can be inspired to greater ideals with the scenic backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean right outside your window and the contemplative sounds of the rolling waves in the air.

Religious functions or social events can be easily accommodated in our Beachside Bistro ballroom as well.  You don’t have to be a guest to take advantage of the space for your event or function and our staff would be happy to host and cater your affair!
Call (252) 441-7126 to reserve your event today!

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